Our Rooms - Cherubs Room

The Cherubs Room cares and educates 8 children 0-2 years of age .

Educators work closely with families to practice routines that have been established at home. There is a strong emphasis on developing relationships with children and making them feel safe and secure and becoming confident to explore their environment.

We provide continuity of care with educators in the room who focus on play based learning in a nurturing environment. Children are able to explore their environment and engage in a variety of play based experiences that incorporate sensory and exploratory activities.

Need to bring:

bag for belongings

 1 nappy for home time

Any bottles and formula Comforters - blanket, dummy, cuddle toy

set of sheets

Spare clothes

Drink bottle

*A hat and a bag for sheets will be provided to families on commencement at the centre. Hats are to stay at the centre to ensure that your child has a one that meets the requirements each day.