Our Rooms - Preschool Room

The Preschool Room cares and educates 24 children 3-5 years of age.

The Preschool Room program incorporates a routine that allows time for children to be involved in a variety of play based learning opportunities throughout the day. The room encourages an inclusive environment that provides children with life skills which include working together, problem solving and getting along skills.

As these are the years prior to starting school we promote a number of school readiness experiences that enhance their learning in numeracy and literacy including the use of Jolly Phonics. Children are also encouraged to be responsible for their own belongings and independence in preparation to starting school.

Children's voice is a valued part of the program as we incorporate their interests and ideas in experiences offered in the room. Children and family inputs are encouraged through sharing an experience or bringing in something to show the children in the show and tell bag.

What to bring:

 Bag for belongings

  Sheets for rest time  

Spare clothes

Drink bottle

* A hat and a bag for sheets will be provided to families on commencement at the centre. Hats are to stay at the centre to ensure that your child has a one that meets the requirements each day.