Our Programs

The focus of our program is to provide opportunities for children that will promote a strong sense of identity and wellbeing. This is reflected in our interactions, centre routines, partnerships with the wider community and planned/unplanned experiences.

Our curriculum reflects professional knowledge and an understanding of each child and we recognise that inclusions/exclusions can affect how children learn and develop. We work in accordance with recommendations made by ‘The Early Learning Years Framework for Australia.

Some answers to commonly asked questions are as follows:

What experiences are included in the centre program?

Our program recognises the importance of a diverse and holistic approach to teaching and learning (mind, body and spirit) and promotes physical, communication, thinking, creative, social, emotional and moral development.

How is the program documented?

There is a planned indoor program for each room in addition to an outdoor program. User friendly evidence of supported learning is provided in the form of a daily power point presentation which is displayed in each room. These documented observations provide us with a valuable learning tool used to assess each child’s learning and to guide future planning.

What ‘intentional’ teaching or ‘school readiness’ skills will my child develop?

In addition to ‘teaching’ safe behaviour, independence and getting along skills, we also incorporate focus topics such as nutrition, dental health, celebrations etc.

Planned literacy and numeracy opportunities are incorporated into daily group times as well as reflected in the indoor/outdoor program.

Will I receive any written information about my child’s progress?

Yes. Staff plan, document and evaluate each child’s learning and development. This information is given to all families at the end of each year in the form of a ‘portfolio’. This generally includes observations, checklists, reports, photos and work samples.

How do we foster links with the community?

We receive weekly visits from the local fruit/vegetable home delivery service. Children love to meet the truck in the security of the centre car park and use the ‘visual picture prompt’ shopping list to purchase what is needed for our centre kitchen.

Special visitors (including family) are often invited to reinforce links with the curriculum such as dental health and emergency services, reptile specialist, musicians, magician etc.

Can siblings play together?

Yes. Our recently updated playground provides a wonderful opportunity for children from both rooms to play together. We find that the ‘preschoolers’ (3-6) and ‘cherubs’ (0-3) often establish very close friendships. Based on individual needs, siblings may visit each other during the day (staff/child ratios permitting). This is also reinforced during family grouping which occurs during early morning and late afternoon play.